Multi-Channel Mobile Marketing

Our powerful multi-channel marketing program incorporates SMS Text, MMS Messaging, Voice Broadcast Marketing, Email Marketing, Instant Message, Geo-Targeting, Mobile Couponing and Social Media, all from one platform.

Campaign Design & Management

Mobile2Me is a full-service mobile marketing agency; our team of professionals will design, deploy and manage a sophisticated mobile marketing campaign; we have the creative team, graphic designers, developers and technicians to execute a successful campaign. We offer fully-managed marketing plans.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is an important part of any marketing program; we can feed and update over 100 social media sites, all at the same time from a single location. Social Media is the new “Village”, and your business needs to be a positive player in the village.

App Development

Giving the explosion of APPS and their popularity; it is critical to offer an app consumers find entertaining, informative and with value. There are more than 1.2 Billion apps users; will grow to 4.4 Billion by 2017; with over 200 Billion app downloads per year!

Website Design & SEO

If your business already has a webpage, we will add powerful mobile marketing hooks to capture more customers. Our team of experts will position your website with key search engines as well as popular consumer’s sites. If your business is in need of a website, we offer a turn-key program with a custom website.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Marketing has many moving parts; it’s more than just sending a text message. Mobile Marketing is multi-channel and multi-device; incorporating simple text (SMS), graphics & video (MMS), mobile coupons, geo-targeting, social media, voice, instant message and email. All connected in a cohesive marketing plan delivering a targeted message.

Graphic Design Services

A successful advertising campaign requires a professional look that will compel consumers to buy your product or service. Our creative team will develop marketing messages, coupons, mobile ads, email fliers, a complete mobile marketing package to ensure a successful campaign.


A powerful marketing tool; Geo-Targeting allows a business to send timely and targeted messages to consumers’ mobile devices when they are in close proximity to your store. You can send them a special offer and a map to your store. You can even send a coupon or greeting when a customer comes into your store.

Staff Taining

Mobile2Me will assist you in training your staff on how to sell mobile marketing to your customers. We will also train your staff on how to use our multi-channel platform and to manage the backend database.

Advertising Services

Mobile2Me is a full-service marketing agency; we can provide advertising services such as direct mail (design, printing and mailing), print ads, TV advertising, radio advertising, email marketing and more.

POS Hardware

Mobile2Me offers retailers the ability to receive payments, offer loyalty programs, referral programs and more, all with a cell phone. Your customers can simply “waive” their cellphone in front of a proximity scanner and it’s all done automatically! Easy and quick and your customers will love it!