Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing is a powerful tool to reach consumers. Going mobile is an imperative!

Social Media

Social Media is the new “Village”. Your business has to be a positive influence in the Village.

Text Marketing

People are obsessed with their cell phones! Text marketing is a powerful tool to reach new customers.


Geo-Targeting is a powerful tool to drive customers to your business!

App Marketing

By 2017 there will be over 4.4 Billion App users and 200 Billion downloads each year! You definitely need an APP!

Campaign Management

You need a professional team to design and manage your mobile marketing campaign. You need Mobile2Me.

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Mobile Marketing is a must! If you are not Mobile, you are losing sales! Let us show you how Mobile Marketing will increase your sales! Send us your contact info and we will call you. You will be glad you did.

All-In-One Marketing

Discover the industry’s first All-In-One Marketing and leading solution that integrates all popular channels of communication so that you can reach your entire audience with impact and orchestrate the most optimal marketing campaign. Reach 100% of your customers.

Connect With Your Customers

Experience impressive results and connect with your customers in ways you couldn’t before. Traditional marketing just isn’t as effective as it used to be. Successful businesses are adopting new and powerful digital technologies that their audience already can’t live without.

5-Channel Marketing Solution

With Mobile2Me’s All-In-One Marketing solution, you get a comprehensive set of tools to run a successful marketing campaign as well as the option to integrate mobile text, email, chat, voice, or social channels to get even more bang for your marketing buck.


Use Mobile2Me’s Mobile Marketing Platform to send targeted offers that drive more traffic to your store or event. Send coupons, updates and other promotions to drive in-store and online sales.


The restaurant industry is very competitive. Holding onto your existing customer base and attracting new customers is a priority, and mobile marketing is the best way to accomplish that goal. Let Mobile2Me show you how.

The Mobile Revolution

Smartphones have become the ultimate shopping companion, transforming us into more savvy consumers. If your business is not mobile, you are losing sales. Make no mistake about it, Mobile is not a marketing trend, it is an imperative.